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Who is Rose Harper?

Rose Harper… She is a Living Legend to the game of golf and so much more… she is the complete definition of Women Empowerment ; what it means to go above and beyond her call to help touch so many others in the golf world as well as in the corporate world.

- She was the Master mind that advocated for the talented Late Lee Elder (her former spouse) and through her advocacy, helped Elder in breaking the Color Barriers at the Masters and in South Africa…she also helped others to diversify the game of golf. -In 1988 She served as an official U.S. Delegate to the Seoul Olympic Games, and lead the first ever African American youth delegation to the Olympics to study the behind the scenes business of conducting the largest sporting event in the world. And Did you know? …

Rose Harper is an entrepreneur, and subject matter expert (SME) in the business of the golf industry, and a passionate golfer. She is the author of the book, The Art of the Deal: Golf Access to Success. Harper founded The Grass Ceiling, Inc. in 1995, as a business empowerment firm that specializes in using the game of golf as a platform to help level the playing field for women and minorities with their counterparts in the business and academic worlds.

A golf advocate, instructor and, the game of golf provides a neutral zone to promote effective communication and positive bonding between professional. Among Harper’s lists of achievements are: the founding of the PGA Tour Wives Association, initiating the Golf Digest Minority Golf Summit, and the reformatting of the PGA player credentials. She is an inductee in the National Black Golfers Hall of Fame, and was the first female to receive the Sam Lacey Pioneer Award in 2013. The recipient of countless other awards for her lifetime achievements in the field of sports development, and business, she has established herself as an internationally renowned consultant in sports and special events management to U.S. presidents, royalty, heads of state, ambassadors, celebrities and fortune 500 CEOs.

Her focus is to level the playing field for emerging market groups such as women and minorities, to prepare for growth, advancement and leadership opportunities through leveraging the game of golf. Educated at The Wharton School and Yale University, Elder has provided leadership training to build a successful business that adds value to other professionals, students and audiences world-wide. She conducts empowering workshops and seminars on “The Art of the Deal: Golf Access to Success, and the Grass Ceiling with the aim to teach, reach and inspire others about the impact and important connections golf has on business ventures. Rose Harper… let’s put some respect ✊🏿 on her name!!!

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