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Updated: Apr 11

As a golf professional for the past nineteen years, Carlos has been a blessing to many people—especially golfers of every level from novice to his tour players. He has been able to be so generous with others since he has had special circumstances in his life that he met head-on to overcome. He knows firsthand what it takes to achieve success. The majority of his career has been helping tournament players succeed.


Carlos Brown PGA "episode 42"

Carlos is one of the top teaching professionals in the USA. At only age 42 he has been teaching for 19 years. Besides the many achievements and awards, Carlos has earned over his teaching career he has developed an ability to connect with his students. This connection helps students of all ages and abilities to blend the physical aspect of playing golf with the mental characteristics needed to play at higher levels. This combination has enabled his students to achieve great results in tournament play and individual amateur breakthroughs.

Carlos has always loved competing as well, so some years after his sudden amputation in 2016, he decided to get back to competing again because he saw this as not only a second opportunity but also a platform to share his story, and promote positive mental health and adaptive golf. As of 2021, Carlos has been competing in adaptive golf as well as non-adaptive events all over the United States and parts of Europe. In his first outing back on the links, he finished second in the Texas Adaptive Golf Championship and then earned third place in the Waco Amputee Open.

Carlos was named as a member of the USA 2022 Cairns Ryder Cup Team at The Shire London; an event in line with the Ryder Cup matches designed to grow and promote opportunities for disabled golfers in the USA and Europe. Carlos also has the distinct honor of being selected to compete in the USGA US Adaptive Open; the 15th national championship for the USGA.

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