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So Who was Maggie Hathaway… and did you know?

What was the name of the Black Female R&B singer and actress who has a golf course named after her? Did you answer … Maggie Hathaway?

So Who was Maggie Hathaway… and did you know?

Maggie Mae Hathaway was quite a lady, who had many talents, and in her every conquest she left a memorable mark. Maggie isn't as well-known as Lena Horne or Dorothy Dandridge, and she's been overlooked by movie historians and history books, but she definitely did her part by contributing her talent and beauty to Hollywood and helping in opening the doors for black actors and actress.

Maggie usually portrayed sassy, witty, sexy ladies on screen. In her small parts on screen, she shined, her spunk was undeniable. She played a maid in a Warner Brothers musical short, "Quiet, Please!" where she did a hot jitterbug dance. She was a dancer in The Marx Brothers "At The Circus." She appeared in "Cabin In The Sky," during the cabaret scene, she was memorable for her sexy walk into the cabaret. In "Stormy Weather," she was a stand-in for Lena Horne. In most of all her film appearances, whether she had a small part or non-speaking part, her presence was always magnetic.

Maggie also was a singer who wrote and recorded blues and jazz records in the late 1940's.

Maggie is probably more memorable for being an activist for civil and equal rights. She often fought hard and long for the rights and inclusion of people of color, not only in entertainment, but in the community, and even in sports, specifically golf. She has a golf course named in her honor in Los Angeles, California. She also was the founder of the NAACP Image Awards. She also was a writer for the Los Angeles Sentinel.

See a few of the links below to learn more about Ms. Maggie Hathaway… especially check out the LA Sentinel.

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