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It took 400 years for women to be able to play golf.

Updated: Apr 11

Among women leaders, Mary, Queen of Scots is known as the first woman to ever play golf in the 1500s. It even caused the first golf-related scandal when the Queen of Scots was spotted playing golf only days after her husband’s death.

Eventually, golf evolved as a pastime for nobles or businessmen of that time. Since women had no place in business during these periods, they were excluded from playing the sport. It was only on New Year’s Day of 1811 that women’s golf was officially recognized in Musselburgh, Scotland.

In six decades never before has the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) witnessed having four African American women on its Tour at the same time.

The year was 1964 when prominent athlete Althea Gibson reigned as the very first African American woman to play on the LPGA Tour, followed by Renee Powell (1967) and LaRee Sugg (1995). Now the LPGA tour can count among its ranks these players: Shasta Averyhardt, Sadena Parks, Mariah Stackhouse, Cheyenne Woods and Ginger Howard.

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