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“Diversity, Equitable and Inclusion are extremely Important to the PGA Tour, Kenyatta Ramsey

Kenyatta Ramsey Has work 14 years with the PGA Tour and now has been promoted to Senior Director, Player Development, his motivation in his new role is ignited by what he sees as a Hunger for golf in minority communities. And as his role develops the PGA Tour are looking at many ways to help with Diversity and Inclusion, HBCUs Juniors the APGA Tour.

“Diversity, Equitable and Inclusion are extremely Important to the PGA Tour, in an Ideal world we want the Sport to look like what America Looks like.” episode 29

Kenyatta Ramsey,

Senior Director, Player Development PGA TOUR


The PGA TOUR, in conjunction with the other major bodies of golf, is committed to making the sport more diverse, equitable, and inclusive through collective action across the industry with specific focus on education and skill development, player development, marketing and communications, talent acquisition, human resources, and procurement. Like many things, this process starts from the inside out.

In 2019, the PRISM Group at the PGA TOUR was founded. To further the PGA TOUR Diversity & Inclusion Mission, PRISM strives to invite, educate, and engage new allies to achieve full inclusion for LGBTQ+ people at the PGA TOUR. PRISM was formed to change the social fabric of the PGA TOUR and the game of golf. Since inception, PRISM has moved the organization forward in a multitude of ways both internally and externally. Top achievements include working with the PGA TOUR’s Human Resources to have policies put in place such as Domestic Partner Benefits Coverage and Gender Affirming Care for PGA TOUR employees, partnerships with lifesaving LGBTQ+ organizations such as The Trevor Project, PGA TOUR marketing campaigns featuring LGBTQ+ representation and more.

“Junior Golf is a Life style inside and outside the ropes where you are Grinding”

Kenyatta Ramsey,

Senior Director, Player Development PGA TOUR

“The PGA Tour is positioned for unprecedented growth over the next ten years, starting with the 2021-2022 season,”

“We’re identifying, preparing, and transitioning top African American collegiate golfers into professional golf.

The efforts of Kenyatta Ramsey, a PGA Tour employee since 2008, have been instrumental in our progress in the player diversity space.

“Kenyatta now oversees this relationship in an official capacity as Senior Director Player Development.”

The commissioner lifted other initiatives like the PGA Tour’s 10-year, $100 million pledge to support racial equity and inclusion efforts and HBCU and APGA Tour initiatives.

“Those are programs that we’re pleased to have underway”

Jay Monahan

Commissioner of the PGA TOUR

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